Workplace Wellness

A healthier environment

Wellness is increasingly being recognized as one of the primary ways to create and support a motivated and productive team.  Our workplace wellness sessions are designed for your specific team.  We will look at individual and team goals and how we can create an environment that provides accountability and inspiration.

You can schedule an introductory session so we can chat about what your team needs are.

Your first session will include a 90 minute comprehensive assessment to determine the current state of health and wellness of your team, challenges in your workplace, team stressors, as well as your team's individual desires for the future and your leadership's desired outcomes for their team. This will be followed by a 90 minute follow up meeting to discuss your plan. We evaluate the team environment from a holistic perspective to determine any underlying issues and work to create a custom plan suitable for your specific team needs and situation that will help your team build healthy habits, support and motivate one another and fuel your bodies and minds.


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