Hello & welcome!

I figured it was time to finally write my first blog, to say hello and welcome you all to Nourish & Sprout.

This is a project I have been working on for a very long time, in some ways my whole career, sometimes without knowing it. You see I have worked in food my whole life; that was never my plan, it just kind of happened. I went to school with the intention of becoming a Paediatrician, then switched to Psychology - Child Development specifically (which is the degree I hold), all the while working in various positions in restaurants and developing an extreme love of all things food related. Fast forward 20+ years and I have worked in almost every restaurant position, owned my own catering company for 7 years, became a food blogger/photographer, menu developer, recipe creator and finally decided to dive into Holistic Nutrition education.

Nourish & Sprout has been a dream of mine for a few years now and I am FINALLY ready to jump in whole heartedly and put all my knowledge, education and experience to good use helping inspire nutritional health and wellness one bite at a time for you and your families.

For anyone that knows me - you know I am NOT a health nut, I do not support dieting and quick fix weight loss programs. I am a healthyish person with a deep understanding of nutrition, health and wellness in general. I love eating healthy and do often - but I also love a good greasy burger with fries and mayo sometimes. I do not count calories and will NEVER advise that you do, frankly that's no way to live and in the long run there is no real benefit to your physical or mental health. I will use my skills and knowledge to help you create long-lasting positive habits that allow you to enjoy your life. Together we will create a nutritional lifestyle that is realistic for you and your unique situation, that you feel comfortable with, love and want to keep up. That means you won't be giving up your favourite treats, snacks and meals - but we might tweak them just a little. We will give you tips and tricks for grocery budgeting, shopping, stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer; creating go to snacks to have on hand that make it easy to make great choices and provide you with recipes for your faves with little healthy twists that you probably won't even notice.

And that's not all; at Nourish & Sprout we look at things from a holistic perspective, because here's the thing - food is not the only thing that matters. Mindset, habits, lifestyle, work-life, family-life, support or lack thereof, gut health, physical health, stress levels, and so much more all have a hand in how you feel and nutritional health and wellness doesn't come from ignoring these. All of these are touch points in your journey to feeling fantastic!

I hope you come back to the site and join me in creating a nutritional lifestyle you love. Whether you come to just grab a recipe, book a session or purchase a meal plan, I am excited to serve you and look forward to seeing you here.

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I am always here if you have a question or comment, you can email me or DM me anytime. Thank you for stopping by.

Till the next time,